When you are looking for a natural and more sustainable cleaning cloth, your search could lead you to Norwex as it is one of the best if not THE best non-chemical or environmentally friendly cleaning cloths in the market.

The company carries a variety of product lines for household, personal care, and sustainable goods. But the best-selling product still remains its microfiber line. I think because more people see it as the most important rag to use around the house.

What do Norwex products help you do?

The multitude of products can literally make you a kitchen goddess!

You can:

  • Clean your oven in and out with ease
  • Mop your floor and every other surface in your home
  • Wash your pots and dishes
  • Super clean your body & face

Cleaning cloth of glass

With Norwex window and glass cleaning cloth, all you need to add is water! Imagine that.

I hate cleaning windows. And the reason is that I hate the smell of Windex. It gives me an instant headache. So I leave it to my husband to do the window cleaning. He doesn’t use chemicals, but he is patient enough to use water and vinegar. I still see streaks after though, but I dare not to complain.

I was explaining my frustration with a friend who uses Norwex Window Cloth and she swears this product is made in heaven.

Anythng that I clean with my window cloth sparkles! She says.

What is the best way to get your hands on Norwex products?

Like with any direct sales company or network marketing company, the best way to own some of the products is to be a consultant so you can avail yourself of the steep discount. Even if you don’t want to sell. You can just share it with a few of your family and friends (your choice) or occasionally purchase products for gifts. But beware, as some companies may have some restrictions. With Norwex, the consultant kits are flexible. Contact a Norwex consulant for the exact details.