I’ve been receiving some odd inquiries (not really odd but I can’t find the word to describe it right now) such as:

“Hello I have the … (name of company removed) navy stripped wallet and the blues stripes are turning colour and part of the strap broke. I had to hook the arm strap directly to the zipper. I also have the matching bag and the handle is starting to break. The threads are letting go from the bag. Please help me.”

“I placed an order through representative… of Saint John New Brunswick at a (name of company removed) party she hosted. I ordered $157 worth of merchandise but have no confirmation or tracking record except my visa statement . I ordered it on November 24th and was told the order was placed. I am verifying my order and confirming its shipment and tracking as they are Christmas gifts. The items were paid by my husband… on his visa .”

These tell me one thing.

Either the consultants are not leaving their contact info with their customers after the sale, or not doing a follow up /courtesy call, to make sure everything is ok.

“It costs 6-7 times more to acquire new customers over retaining existing ones…”

And the secret to continual stream of income is having & implementing a follow-up system  to contact and connect back to your customers for an opportunity to sell more.

Are you following up with your customers?  I’d love to hear it – use the comment below:)

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