The Direct Sales industry in Canada has tremendously increased for the past years considering the significant growth of Direct Sales companies in the country. This situation has influenced many women and even men to join the Direct Selling business, leaving them a significant number of companies to choose from.

We surveyed our online shoppers and Ishopathome Party Plan consultants to tell us who the top direct sales companies are  in Canada to give our visitors an idea on what companies they should consider joining (Disclaimer: Ishopathome does not promote any of these companies or warranty the accuracy of this survey, we advise that you do your own research and choose a company that is close to your heart). We have included all 55 companies listed on Ishopathome’s website and also recommended respondents to suggest companies which are not listed on the survey.  And here are the results:

The Top Party Plan Business In Canada by survey


 Ishopathome would like to thank all respondents on this survey. May this survey give those who want to join this business an idea on what company to build their direct selling career on. But be reminded that choosing a Direct Sales Company is not like a survey or multiple choice to choose from, it can be your lifetime career that is at stake. So we at Ishopathome suggest that you visit these companies’ pages here in our website to give you a glimpse of their profiles and products and do your own research from there.

FOR UPDATED LIST CHECK OUT: 2015 Top Direct Sales Companies 


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