I needed some fresh air,  and what’s the best thing to do? Attend a direct sales party  of course!

I was invited by Carla Beck – a Tocara Star Diamond Director,  to the launch of their  Fall/Winter collections 2014, held at the Holiday Inn in Cambridge, Ontario.

Their main speaker was owner Randall Markus—who started in the jewelry business when he was only 17 years old!  He was selling his jewelries in the alleys of Montreal, then to Hudson’s Bay before turning the company into a direct sales empire. Impressive success story.

I was equally  impress when I learned that many of their fine jewelries are named after their consultants—such as the Celine and Connie line. I was tempted to  join, just so they can name a piece after me— Imelda.

Like many direct sales events, Tocara was giving away shiny blings but as always, I didn’t have any luck.  But my host gave me a nice ring for my trouble.


Attending a Tocara party can reward you with a FREE Celine pendant, just for attending one of their parties.  Other companies have the same giveaway program but not as dazzling as the Celine pendant which comes in many colours.


There is no doubt their products are well crafted; created from nickel-free Sterling Silver, gemstones, and Tocara exclusive DiAmi stone, Stainless steel and other natural materials.   And I can appreciate the fact that they carry jewelries for men including the PK SUBBAN line, which I am sure many men, young and older wouldn’t mind wearing—especially if they are a hockey fan.

However, after viewing most of the items they had on display, and in their catalogue, I was left unsatisfied.  I wish there were more bigger jewelry items ( like the one in the picture above). I think the chunkier pieces can definitely give that WOW factor.

Nevertheless, the pieces in the catalogue are definitely beautiful and stylist.

If you are a Tocara consultant and wish to add your name – click here.   Contact a Tocara consultant today.

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