Tracy Brenner

I had a chance to interview one of Tupperware’s Consultant Tracy Brenner.   She is  a mom who juggles raising children with a business she runs from home. Tracy is not your typical Tupperware Consultant doing parties all over town. She operates her business at home – online and has been doing it for almost 10 years!

How long have you been with Tupperware? 

I have been in Tupperware since 2004. I am celebrating my 10th anniversary in June 2014. Even with 2 handsome little boys at home, I have been able to keep my business going.

What made you choose Tupperware?

I wanted to fill my cupboards at a discounted cost. I did not grow up with Tupperware, so this was all new and exciting to me! I knew it was a trusted, well-made brand, but didn’t know much more than that! So thankful I began selling! Earning the incentive products is enough to keep me going alone.

If you were to sell someone Tupperware products, what is the one feature you would like them to know?

I would highlight that Tupperware has a lifetime guarantee against breaking, chipping, peeling and cracking. I don’t know another product with a lifetime guarantee like that. I love how Tupperware stands behind their product! I certainly do not have problems dealing with broken Tupperware. I stand behind my business 100%.

What are some of your favourite TW products?

My favourite Tupperware product is my Cheese Grater. We love cheese in my house and I am shredding every other day. The Grate ‘N Measure grates the cheese while measuring at the same time. So extremely convenient. I also love my FridgeSmart Containers. These containers save you money by prolonging the life of your fruits and veggies. After harvesting vegetables and fruits, some need more oxygen than others to keep breathing and stay fresh. The air-circulation system allows you to regulate the amount of air flow through the container. I am very frugal, so I like to save money whenever possible

What are some of the HOT ITEMS from TW? 

Hot items seem to be different for everyone. I always here about people wanting what their mom had when they were growing up. Some of the older items like the Fix-N-Mix Bowl, Quick Shake and Butter Dish are favourites. When they are on sale, they are even hotter! Snack Cups are a mom’s must-have! With litterless lunches in most schools now, every mom needs a set or three 😉

Can you tell me what has been your biggest challenge in running a home-based business and how did you over come it?

Oh there has been many challenges along the way especially with how I do my business. I do my business primarily from home (not many parties at all in a year). I advertise online and sell mainly through email sales. The biggest challenge with that is trying to grow a team. Normally, the best place to find a new recruit is at a party. With Tupperware though, you are able to recruit from across Canada. You can find people online to sell under you so you don’t have to be at a party to find potential recruits. Consistent contact with your recruits is what keeps them motivated.

Looking forward, what are some of the things you would like to achieve in your business as a Tupperware consultant?

I would like to consistently sell $1,500+ a month with my business. That gives me a $50 bonus when I sell $1,500. For every $500 after that, I earn another $50 bonus. Consistency keeps a business running smoothly. I truly believe in running your business the best way you know how or whatever suits your comfort zone. I am in my comfort zone and so happy that Tupperware allows me to continue with my business on my terms. Thank you Tupperware!

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