Products I Love From Epicure Selections

A friend sent me a link to her Epicure Selections consultant page this morning and I spend some time browsing through the Sept- Dec. 2013 catalogue and oh may… a feast for the eyes.

The entire catalogue gives you the impression that holiday entertaining could be just as easy as mixing the yummy dips, warming them in the oven and viola! an awesome dip that can impress even your mother in-law.

My Fav Epicure Selections Seasonings:

Pasta Seasoning is a must for me. Pastas are the easiest meal to prepare. Anyone can practically just  add tomatoes, pasta seasoning, parmesan cheese to noodles and it’s  a meal.  You can add a bit of vegetables such as broccoli and peppers and you have a complete meal in a flash.

Poultry Seasoning. I used to use shake n bake until my Epicure consultant convinced me to try the poultry seasoning and I haven’t looked back.  My chicken went from boring to yummy with pleasing flavour that my kids love.

Are You Epicure Selection Consultant?

UPDATE: Just found out that Epicure products are gluten-free! More reason to use Epicure.

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