When we choose to leave or to start a new adventure, we look at a map of the place where we are going. We look for ways to reach our goals or talk with people around us who have already walked on that life pathway. Often we attempt to follow specific predefined paths to benefit from the experience as much as possible and take the best route.

The paths we follow during those times in life often take us to unexpected places. And that is usually where we make the best discoveries.

My vision board

Three years ago, I made my first vision board using small collages of images.  I took a picture of a group of women with one woman in the front, and I replaced her face with mine. My intention was to build a team with the direct selling company I was with at that time. I visualize myself as a leader of my team. That was what I wanted to accomplish.

I agree with the idea that our thoughts are creative. And that we have the power to manifest. So I was convinced that this image in my mind would at least help me manifest my desire. It was like a reminder or a presence every time I looked at the vision board. It was up on the wall, just in front of my work office. I saw it all the time.

How my network marketing journey started

I was first approached to join this network marketing business when I was 18. I politely declined the offer.  Several years later, after saying NO many times to my very good friend who asked me to become a consultant in this company, I finally said yes but only to help her. I had no intention to develop my business or grow a team. I was wrong.  For about two years, I worked to recruit women to join me and become a consultant in a company I loved. Their products are high-performing. Their mission aligned with my values, and being part of a dynamic group of women was what I wanted to experience and share. I was new to that kind of business model. I realized I had an entrepreneurial side that I didn’t recognize for several years.

I immediately wanted to go up the steps in the compensation plan and grow a team so everybody would learn about these products. I didn’t know anything about network marketing. I had to learn everything from scratch. I stayed up some nights dreaming, thinking, building in my head, and having conversations with imaginary people. It was great that my good friend accompanied me on this journey.  We learned together. We spent hours on the phone imagining and dreaming about what our business would be and how we’d build it. We talked about our successes and our learning.

Thanks to my business, I met wonderful people. I learned a lot about entrepreneurship and myself during those first three years in network marketing. Once you know and understand the business model, it’s easy to choose to benefit from the different advantages the business brings.  I was doing very well, and I figured this was where I would realize my vision. 

I was with a company that had healthy body products.  And people often asked me if I had products to help clean their houses. We didn’t carry any cleaning products. But people kept asking me, so I started looking for a company of that kind. My intention was to discover what I like the most and then have collaborations and refer people to that company. Knowing the business model, the best way to learn about a company is to buy its starter kit and become a consultant.

Working with two network marketing companies

I found a company that I liked and joined so I could offer it to my body products customers who are looking for something to clean their homes. However, once I started using the products, I wanted to tell everyone about the products and the great consultant’s benefits.  So I recruited about 15 people into my team during a special promotion. I went up two steps in the compensation plan as a leader in the same month. However, I didn’t keep that leadership title because of company rules involving leaders representing two companies. A few months later,  I had reached that same leadership level again. That’s when I had to confront the situation and make a decision. 

I was effortlessly moving up in ranks. I had learned a lot in the three years that had passed so when I spoke about the company, people listened. My messaging and strategies to start conversations were working well. 

At the end of the year, I realized I had built a team with the second network marketing company, which came as a surprise because I thought I would reach this goal with the first company I was with. You see, when I had created my vision, I didn’t even know about the existence of the second company where I finally did build my team. In a few months, I had succeeded in accomplishing with the second company what I really wanted and what I had been trying to do for a couple of years with the first.

When I built the vision, my intention was to create a team of women with whom I could share, have fun, and develop my business. The image in my mind was general and not specific to any particular company. I think that’s why I reached my goal, but I followed a different path from the one I chose at the beginning. I created an intention, had a picture of what I wanted, and gave it daily attention.  In essence, I was clear on what I wanted. I was clear where I was going and how to get there–whichever path I took. 

I now have a team of close to 100 women. I have called that team “share to shine.” I left the first company that had allowed me to start on this entrepreneurial journey. And this journey prepared me to succeed on the path I chose.  I now understand that life was doing everything to direct me to that path and help me meet all these women, learn and grow.  

So if you are at a crossroads in your business, I would suggest being aware of your thoughts because they will come true. You may not take the path you chose initially, but one thing is for sure: it’s worth walking and accepting the path—it might just lead you to your North Star.

Note to our readers: This story was shared by one of our iShopathome members and Norwex Consultant, Isabel Parent, and translated by Charlotte Habbeger.