I have had chronic pain for many years and though it is mostly under control through healthy eating and life habits, I am always looking for wellness tips and products to make it even better. I met Agnes Abbo through online networking and decided to have a chat with her to find out more about what she has to offer.

Shaklee Representative–Agnes Abbo

Agnes has a rich life history and a great interest in wellness and healthy aging. Following a great connection call with her, I decided to try the Prove it challenge and program. I was very impressed by the website and Agnes’ guidance in completely personalizing the program for my needs.

Prove it Challenge–What Is It

It’s a one-month program with detox at the beginning, as well as supplements and nutrients to support my body particularly my liver in detoxing and then rebuilding my systems and health over the course of 30 days. I am an avid health product user and very selective in what I decide to take, this was very complementary to everything I already have. The benefits for me were in the detoxing as I had never been all the way through because I had chronic pain and did not want to risk triggering it. It went very well! The biggest positive effect for me was that I lost some of the swellings in my body and in my face, probably from inflammation with the great stress I have been experiencing for the last little while. And as for the negative side effects, there were none!

To find out more about Agnes, visit our marketplace or her website and contact her for a discovery call!

-Charlotte Habegger, Content Creator at Ishopathome and Independent Consultant with Epicure