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Choosing A Business

When choosing a business to start from home, it is important to keep in mind how you are going to promote it.

Many of us are not good at salesmanship. So going door to door might be too overwhelming.

So figuring out how you are going to realistically promote your business is therefore crucial to your business success.

Sure you can sell the products or services to your friends and relatives but unless you have friends and families in the thousands,they are not going  to sustain your business.  And what happen after you’ve exhausted your friend and family?

It’s very exciting to start a business especially if you “love” the product but often times, we forget to do a reality check.  Our excitement takes over. Then wonder later how we managed to get ourselves into a business we can’t do.

If you are are thinking of joining a Direct Sales company or multilevel company, you should make sure you fully understand their advertising policies. I have dealt with several companies who asked that I take their Reps advertising down because of their “no internet advertising policies”. These companies ONLY allows online advertising through their company provided websites and advertising your websites is not allowed anywhere else or creating a blog specifically to generate traffic to your website.

The truth is, these often overcharged company sites are not index by Google because they are “duplicates” of the other sites. In other words, your website will not show up on the major search engines such as Google or Yahoo. There are some that does, but this is because the rep is able to manipulate the company provided template, and make it personal so it doesn’t look like everyone else’s. This is a big issue for many women who are shocked after they find out that they are not allowed to advertise their business online.

And that is really unfortunate because most of the women who want to make extra income are drawn to the direct sales business because of their desire to “work from home”.

But don’t worry, there are lots of direct sales companies that do allow internet advertising. Just make sure you read the fine prints:)

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