Our first ever online meet-up for Canadian-based direct sellers, network marketers, and artisans!

These wonderful women took the chance, showed up, presented, and discovered each other, which will no doubt be the beginning of lasting business relationships.

The summit started off with a series of interviews to introduce our vendors to our audience. And what a hoot! We were amazed at how passionate and determined these women are.


Cristina Agnes —  A passionate Wealth Strategist. If you or your business needs money, she’ll use her vast network of connections and resources to help you get it. Her other passion is health and beauty. She is an influencer with Everra and she uses her “fabulashes” as the door opener into women’s hearts.

Charlotte Habegger —  A power connector and a Senior Director with Epicure. She combines her passion for connecting with her science background and teaches others how to create simple and delicious food.

Elodie Paquette — The incredible Artist behind the Zailes Daigle, her intuitive and spiritual art. She is offering intuitive painting and handcrafted jewelry which you can purchase directly from her website.

Holisoa Dube — An independent Consultant and Area Manager with Arbonne. “What if you can make a difference in your body, on your skin, on your health and well-being?” This soft-spoken beauty (and mom) ask these questions when you meet her because she wants you to imagine something better.

Isabelle Parent — This no-nonsense powerhouse of a lady is a leader and an independent Consultant with Norwex. She shares a passion for easy, efficient, and effective cleaning that is healthy for us and the environment.

Holly Trotta — She calls herself the Kitchen Wizard and rightly so! A Tupperware Consultant and manager for over 30 years! She built her business in such a way that she no longer needs to grind hard. While she has reached the pinnacle of direct sales success, she still enjoys and thrives on servicing her customers and leading her team.

Lyne Marie Germain — The CEO of her communication company, and a leader with Ariix Newage, she believes that success starts with choosing the right company to work with. Because an empire cannot be built without good people who can lead others forward to success.

Polly Flaviano — The creator of La Danse de Savons. Her luxuriously handcrafted soaps are made with love and with the purest of ingredients. She can even design and personalize a unique soap just for you!

Faigal Mitz — The CEO and creator of Mitzify Canada. A woman who saw a problem and solved it by creating multi-functional, stylish bags and accessories that women all over the world love to have.

Nessely Sunga-Cabling — A fitness buff and a Consultant with Yoli. This health and wellness advocate is a firm believer in working harder at investing in our health and she is on a mission to help women reach their optimal health.

To find out more about these women, check out the Women In Networking Success Summit 2021 presentation playlist.