“What’s for dinner?”

This is the question that Charlotte Habegger answers every day. Luckily, she doesn’t get annoyed over this repeated question. She gets excited and her eyes light up when asked this question recently.

Attend one of her free online cooking classes and you’ll see what I mean. She’s been whipping up easy, and nutritious meals for over a decade so she knows exactly what to say when asked this question.

Why Epicure?

Fourteen years ago, she started her home-based business with Epicure. As a Scientist, she wanted to make sure it’s the right business for her, so she spent time researching companies before she decided on Epicure. And that diligence paid off. She first signed on to get her products at a lower price and to help supplement her family’s income.

When she got serious about it and decided to make Epicure her main source of income, her organization took off. Now she has over 220 Consultants and 9 leaders that expand to 5 provinces. She serves both English and French-speaking customers and business builders. This Epicure leader is now the main income provider for her family of four.

How did Charlotte achieve success?

As a Senior Director with Epicure, she credits leadership, vision, consistency, and enlisting the support of family as her formula for success as well as collaborating with other women and organizations. You can shop with her online, message her for personnalised suggestions, recipes and tips. You can also book an online or in-person cooking class or hold a fundraiser with her. She makes it easy for anyone to experience the simplicity and deliciousness of Epicure.