Everra is what you need to look fabulous anytime!

This network marketing company provides the beauty product(s), and lashes that most women need to brighten up their look and shine online or anywhere.

It’s the easiest way to prep your look.

Toronto and Greater Toronto Area Consultant and Influencer

Cristina Agnes is one fabulashes lady! She makes looking good a snap. Wearing her Everra magnetic lashes is her way of simplifying her look and beauty regime as a busy multi-passionate entrepreneur, who is also a wealth strategist.

Magnetic lashes or adhesive lashes?

Which do you prefer and what’s the difference?

The magnetic lashes magnetize to Everra’s specially formulated black eyeliner, that you apply on your top lid. You can find Cristina demonstrating how to apply these magnetic lashes on her Facebook page.

Everra’s faux mink adhesive lashes, on the other hand, apply with an adhesive liner pen, like a felt tip pen, except it’s for your eyes! Cool huh?