There are so many ways to use your ice-cube trays!
This also works for any kind of mold, particularly silicone: muffin molds, waffle mold, etc.
Use these tips for food prepping at home and save on the time and money it would take to buy them at the store. These are fun and can be made into a family or parent-child activity!

– Create your own face and body care products and use the molds to shape them

– Make them bite-size with a silicone ice cube or Epicure Perfect Petites: muffins, Rice Krispie squares, brownies, cheesecake bites, you can even add popsicle sticks for a mess-free version.
– Prepare desserts in individual ready-to-eat portions: Pudding, Jello, Caramel or Chocolate Sauce, Apple sauce (or other fruit sauce)

– Mix dry food and humid food (from a can) and freeze, place in a bag and keep frozen

– Flavoured water, for example, for the holiday season: cranberries, mint + juice
– Cubes of fruit juice OR add small pieces of fruit.
– Cubes of coffee or tea, flavoured or not (Apple Spice blend) to add to your hot or cold drink, works great for lattes!
– For your cocktails: milk (plant-based or other) + your favourite baking spice (cinnamon, ginger) + fruit (for example, pineapple for a Pina Colada)
– Lemon juice (or other citrus)

– Freeze individual meal portions: spaghetti sauce, marinara, alfredo, pesto, soup
– Veggie Pâté or cretons
– Leftover bouillon or soup base

– “No Noise” smoothies: prepare and freeze to use in the morning without waking everyone up with the sound of a blender!): cubes of pureed fruit (bananas etc) or vegetables (spinach etc.), or mix yogurt, oats and milk
– Homemade savoury butter (melt + your choice of spices + freeze)
– Make your own seasoned oil: mix herbs and coconut or avocado oil
– Freeze food with dates that are close to their expiry date: yogurt etc
– Prepare your hot dip ahead of time (not yet baked or heated)

Let me know if you have any other ideas or share a link or pic for how you have used yours!

Charlotte Habegger, Ind Consultant & Senior Director with Epicure